Ten Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy and happy is the most important part of pet ownership, and this obviously requires plenty of hard work and commitment. All dogs, regardless of their age and size, have a number of daily requirements that need to be met, and these include access to fresh food and water, exercise, and plenty of love and affection.

young woman with labrador dog

The following tips are designed to help you make the right decisions for your dog:

1. Stay calm – Try to stay as calm as possible when you are around your dog, as dogs are sensitive creatures and they can often sense when something is wrong. Sudden movements or raised voices may upset your dog, and this could result in it becoming stressed and frightened.

2. Never hit your dog – You should never hit your dog when it is doing something wrong, as this could permanently damage your relationship with it. Dogs do not have the ability to reason like humans do, so administering any form of physical punishment will just cause confusion. A dog that is hit regularly may also begin to flinch every time someone raises their hand, and this could eventually lead to a frightened and aggressive dog. Always use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour.

3. Train your dog well – A well-trained dog is always much easier to handle, especially in difficult situations. Owning an obedient dog will enable you to take your pet on outings and family holidays, without having to worry about its behaviour.

4. Exercise daily – It is important to exercise your dog daily to keep it in good condition. Regular exercise will also make your dog feel happy and relaxed, and this will help to prevent any behavioural problems.

5. Groom regularly – The condition of your dog’s coat is generally a good indication of its overall health. Regular grooming is essential, as it helps to remove loose hair and dander from your pet’s coat. Grooming not only keeps your pet clean and fresh, it also enables you to check your pet over and spot any potential health problems before they become too serious. It is important to remember that extra grooming may be required during heavy shedding periods.

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Exercise, good diet, healthcare, and plenty of love = Happy, healthy dog
6. Check ears, teeth, and nails – These areas need checking regularly to ensure that your dog is not experiencing any pain or discomfort. Ear mites and ticks can invade the ears, and plaque, tartar, and gingivitis can develop if the teeth are not cleaned regularly. Overgrown nails can also cause a great deal of pain and suffering, but regular exercise on hard surfaces, such as pavements, should help the nails to wear down naturally.

7. Provide a healthy diet – The daily nutritional requirements for your dog will vary depending on its breed, age, sex, and how much exercise it has. You should provide your dog with a complete and balanced diet that contains the correct amount of fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. It is also important to ensure that your dog always has a bowl of fresh water available.

8. Maintain a correct body weight – It is a good idea to find out exactly what your dog’s ideal weight should be. Try to feed your dog at regular intervals throughout the day, as this will help to establish mealtime manners and enable you to spot any changes in your pet’s eating habits. If you want to give your dog any treats to reward good behaviour, make sure they are healthy ones.

9. Visit the vet regularly – You shouldn’t wait until your dog is unwell before taking it to see the vet. Routine check-ups at the vets can help to detect any health problems early on, and they may even prevent some conditions from occurring in the first place.

10. Love your dog – Your dog needs to know that you love it unconditionally, so make sure that you spend plenty of quality time with it. It is worth getting to know your pet well, as this will enable you to understand its body language. It is also important to purchase a good quality collar, leash, and bed for your dog to ensure that it is safe and comfortable at all times. Giving your dog all the love and care it needs will hopefully ensure that you and your companion have many happy years together.

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